Thanking Everyday! — January 20, 2016

Thanking Everyday!

Lord God, thank You.

Thank You for being here when I am happy, when I’m lonely, when I’m alone, when I’m afraid, when I’m hurt and when I need love. Thank You for this life. 🙂 Thanking You Lord God from the bottom of my heart. I love You more than anyone else. 🙂

Thinking… — January 13, 2016



Before, I think of moving somewhere new where no one knows me and start all over again.I love to travel, meet new people, see new places and establish good friendship. Yeah! It’s not that I don’t like this place  but I’m already tired of people especially those people who always gossips, who never think first what others may feel when they did something wrong or they say something bad and those people who judge easily. I thought that moving to places solves anything.

But sometimes, I think that those people, are my challenges from God. I take them as my challenges in life. They may judge me, say things that are rude or even make bad things to me, I still care for them. I’m not a hypocrite or what. I just want them to see through my actions towards them that I’m willing to forgive them, I’m willing to help if they do need me and I’m always willing to share God’s words to them.

I thank God for giving me strength day by day to face all of this challenges that comes my way. I thank God that even if I’m falling apart, He is always here to mend me, to rescue me, to hold me and to make me stronger. And now, I may give up before but now, I’m stronger.

I’ve found out that it is better to stay and change things, letting go will set you free and letting God to work for my life.

I have this quote, which is one of my favorite,

” If man works, man works. But when man prays, God works.”

red balloons — November 19, 2015
My True Family :) — November 18, 2015
My best friend/sister —
Take time to read this! :) —

Take time to read this! :)


Feeling down? Sometimes or oftentimes we feel this. We felt like all the problems in the world are torturing us. Family problems, School problems, Financial problems, Health problems, Problems of the county and even Heart problems(you now what I mean).


It’s like”life” was pounding us, crashing us and hitting us as harder as it can.


Common problems of teenagers. Having no one to talk to because their parents are too busy doing their jobs o whatever they do. But this scenario is not seen in all families. Children must understand that their parents are doing their jobs to earn a living. And parents have to understand that their children needs their presence.

Financial Pressure

Financial problems. Sooooo common especially to those who earns a little. They have to divide their earnings for foods, clothes, house, matriculation and health assistance. They need to budget their salary every month or even everyday.

Problems of our country. Economic crisis, corruption, wars etc. We don’t have to blame anyone or every government officials. Stop pointing fingers. We have to help each other. We have to cooperate. Let’s begin it in ourselves. We need unity.


Health problems. Just thinking that you are sick can cause so much stress.


Having your heart broken. Not just because of lovelife or your partner dump you or love someone else but “heart broken” can be experience even through your famiy, relatives , friends and life.


Thinking and experiencing those things cause a lot of trouble in oneself.

But every problems has a solution.

Everything happens for a reason.


Even if we think that there is no way, God will make a way. You just have to trust in Him.


Let us all remember this.


🙂 A beautiful reminder.


We have to say good bye to our stress and…..


We have to trust God.

p.s I don’t own any pictures I posted here. Credits to the owners. Good day! God bless. 🙂


Loving the road. — October 18, 2015
Putting God first. —